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TCS New York City Marathon Training Series 12M

Many of us are looking forward with great anticipation to the NYC Marathon. Yes, the day of our big race is approaching fast, and we'd better start getting serious about our training! With today's kick-off of the two-race marathon training series, our good friends at NYRR are precisely reminding us of that!

These two runs offer an interesting mix: they carry the "training" label in their names, but are effectively held in an authentic racing environment, including official results and awards too! They are great opportunity to practice our race-day strategy. Today's run, the first of the series, was a "manageable" 12-mile run. It was introduced in 2018 as a spin-off of the more established 18-miler, which dates back to 2000. 

Congratulations to the 50 Flyers who enthusiastically embraced the first of the two runs this morning, especially to our 6 lead runners on the men's team (Vincenzo Pascale, Michael Alexander and Ernesto Giraldo) and on the women's team (Monica Sanchez, Stephanie Tang and Yumi Morishige). Kudos to our 2 award winners: Mindi Adler, who won her age group with a time of 2:07:37 (pace 10:39), and Yumi, who finished second in her age group with a time of 1:47:21 (pace of 8:57).

Among the finishers was Kristel McKanna, who paced the run as a member of the NYRR pace team. Kristel successfully crossed the finish line exactly on her assigned 10:06 target goal. Well done! It was the first time Kristel paced with NYRR since the start of COVID, and she had a lot of fun. "I forgot how appreciative people are," Kristel said after the race. "So many people came to me after the end of the race to personally thank me. It is so easy to forget that for newer runners running a 12 miler in preparation is a really big accomplishment."

Talking about pacing, here's an important service announcement: the Flyers need a few more pacers for the 3 Bridge runs. New pacers will be matched with more experienced pacers so they should not be intimidated. Here's the link to sign up for volunteering as a pacer:

And here's the link to volunteer at the Flyers 3 Bridges Fluid Stations -- at least one more volunteer is especially needed at the Brooklyn location, and more are needed at other locations, too!

The team’s full results at today's run can be found here:
I have the feeling we are seriously getting ready for November 6, team!

-Francesco P, NY Flyers Blog Race Reporter