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Grete’s Great Gallop 10K

Fewer races are closer to our heart than Grete's Great Gallop. Grete Waitz is a legend in New York and every year the race held in Central Park to honor her legacy draws huge enthusiasm from the New York running community. 48 Flyers were among this year's finishers - and 3 of them were on the podium! Needless to say, they all enjoyed the Norwegian-themed post-race festivities.

Many of us will remember that Grete's tribute run originally started as a half-marathon in 1995. That was 7 years after the last of Grete's nine NYCM victories, and just 3 years after her last, iconic marathon in New York, which she ran with Fred Lebow. He was in remission from brain cancer. We've doubtless all seen the touching images of the two crossing the finish line together. Since 2017, Grete's Great Gallop has been a 10K. It has finally returned this year, for the first time in August instead of October, after nearly a 3-year hiatus.

Today's star was unquestionably Jeanhie Hahn, who led the women's team with a time of 48:24, a pace of 7:48, and an age-graded percentage of 73.54%. Jeanhie's fast result earned her a second place in her age group.

Jeahnie is very happy with her result, and she has good reason to be. "I was back home less than 48 hours from Norway," she said after the race. "Also, I raced a half marathon on a treacherous course in Helsinki only a week ago." Yes, can you believe that Jeanhie is just back from Norway, Grete's home country! "I did not make the connection between Grete Waitz and Norway until I arrived at my corral, so the race felt extremely special to me especially because Norway really captured my heart." During her trip to Norway, Jeanhie managed to squeeze in two runs: the Bergen waterfront and hill repeats at the Royal Palace in Oslo. "Norway is a great country to run!" Jeanhie said. "And I am already thinking about the Oslo Half in 2023!"

10 seconds behind Jeanhie, we find another irredeemably fast Flyer: Kristel McKanna, who finished in 48:34 (pace 7:49, 6th AG, AGP 70.03%). Hiromi Nobata completed this trio of fabulous runners with a time of 49:35 (pace 7:59, AGP 75.3%). Hiromi also finished second in her own age group! Congrats to all 3, and especially to the 2 podium finishers, Jeanhie and Hiromi!

On the men's side, James Dunham delivered another of his top-quality performances and finished first in the Flyer's team with a fast 41:31 (pace 6:41, 8th AG, AGP 73.69%). Zac Charlton came second for the team in 42.50 (6:54). Vincenzo Pascale came third in 45:44 (pace 7:22, 8th AG, AGP 70.51%). Congrats to Delton Mace, who was again on the podium: he was third in his age group with a finish of 1:00:49 (9:48)!

The team’s full results can be found here:
Well done, Flyers!

-Francesco P, NY Flyers Blog Race Reporter