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Race Report: Queens 10K

It's flat, it's fast, it's a club points race: it's the Queens 10K!

 Add to that today's glorious weather conditions (rather unusual for this time of year), and you'll get a good picture of the level of excitement of the 96 Flyers who ran this morning's race, the third in the 2022 NYRR Five-Borough Series. It was a very good day for the team, and 5 individual runners (3 women and 2 men), as well as 3 teams, made it to the podium (more below). Simply spectacular!  Incidentally, did anyone notice there were a couple of sharp turns along the course? As we heard this morning, that's why this run qualifies as a "technical race."

Abe Lee led the Flyers team in 38:32 (that's a fast 6:12 pace!). Francesco Presutti came second for the team in 40:41 (1st AG, 6:33, and an age-graded percentage of 80.73%). John Whitfield came third in 41:52 (3rd AG, 6:45, 79,18%). You will find this trio frequently training together in Central Park with the Flyers' 6am group runs. Could that be their secret weapon?

Both Francesco and John broke the Flyers' Hall of Fame record of 42:03 for the 10K distance, which John had just broken himself on February 6 of this year. I'll bet a few more records will fall by the end of this season! Here's the link to the Flyers Hall of Fame records, not easy to locate on the web (I'm told the issue will soon be fixed):

Denise Iannizzotto led the women's team in 45:07 (3rd AG, 7:16, and an outstanding 84.81%). Jennifer Coyne came second for the team in 49:05 (10th AG, 7:54, 74.25%). Melida Barbosa came third in 49:10 (7:55).

Fran Breslauer did it again, and won her age group in 1:06:44 (10:45, 81.13%). Anky Lam came second in her age group in 57:02 (9:11, 78.99%). Congrats to our two stars Fran and Anky!

3 more Flyers finished in the top ten of their age groups: Neil Tipograph (49:46, 9th AG), Jeanine Hartnett (1:11:32, 9th AG) and Elaine Rosen (56.07, 10th AG, 71.79%).

Kudos also to all the other amazing runners who scored AGP​s above 70%:

  • Yumi Morishige (50:36, 72.03%)
  • Jeanhie Hahn (49:46, 71.51%)
  • Deb ​​​​Saat(57:33, 70.95%) 
  • Tim Decker (43:36, 70.77%)

The team's full results can be found here:


This was the 4th points race of the season, and 3 Flyer teams (the usual suspects) were on the podium today:

  • The 60+ men's team came SECOND in 2:10:54, thanks to the efforts of Francesco, John and Colm Banfield (48:21, 7:47, 68:55), and keeps its second place in the club standings.
  • The 60+ women's team came SECOND in 2:50:42, thanks to the nice performance of Elaine, Anky (doubling up as 60+ team member) and Deb, and keeps its third position in the club standings.
  • The 70+ women's team came SECOND in 3:15:18, thanks to the great job of Anky, Fran and Jeanine but keeps its first place in the club standings.

Not to forget them, the other teams are also doing strong:

  • The 50+ women came fifth and are currently fifth in the club standings.
  • The open men B came fifth and are sixth in the club standings.
  • The 50+ men came seventh and are fifth in the club standings. 
  • The open women A are ninth in the club standings. 
  • The 40+ men are tenth in the club standings. 
  • The 40+ women are eleventh in the club standings.

Remember, whenever it's a club points race, any runner counts to get points to the teams!

Well done, to all runners and teams!

Last but not least, great thanks to Kin Ng, who was once again on the course to take photos and cheer runners on.

-Francesco P, NY Flyers Blog Race Reporter