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Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run 4M

79 Flyers embraced the energy and the colors of our cherished June event, and its significance as an opportunity to celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride and the values of equality, diversity, and inclusiveness. They were among today's 7,024 finishers, as the race was finally back to a full field this year. Because of the challenging weather conditions (71 degreed and 76% humidity), NYRR raised the alert level in its color-coded system to yellow. But the race conditions did not stop our teammates from doing a strong run on the rolling hills of Central Park, and our team had 8 age-group medalists: 3 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze.

And here we go with our team's results! 

A powerful trio opened the game for the team. Tim Decker led the team in 25:17 and a 6:20 pace. Tim came 2nd in the competitive 50 to 54 age group, and also scored an age-graded percentage of 77.67%! Francesco Presutti came second for the team in 25:30 (1st AG, 6:23, 81.74%). John Whitfield came third in 25:53 (2nd AG, 6:29, 81.29%). Kudos also to Vincenzo Pascale, who was 3rd in his age group in 26:48 (6:42, 76.44%),

An equally powerful trio was at the front of the women's team.  Marcy Withington led the team in 28:08 (2nd AG, 7:02, 78.25%). Elena Riecke  came second for the team in 28:41 (7:11), and Kristel McKanna came third in 28:51 (6th AG, 7:13, 73.02%). Kudos also to Fran Breslauer and Barbara Trazino, who won their age groups in 42:37 (10:40, 77.54%) and 53:16 (13:19), respectively, and to Denise Iannizzottowho came 2nd in her age group in 29:41 (7:26, 80.52%).

Congrats also to all the other awesome runners who finished in the top ten of their age groups and/or scored AGP​s above 70%:

  • Hiromi Nob​​​​ata (4th AG in 31:57, 73.01%)
  • Delt​​​​on M​ace(4th AG in 36:47)
  • Guy​​​​Simoneau (6th AG in 32:48)
  • Lisa K​​​​onorty (7thAG in 32:47, 72.89%)
  • Mindi Adler (7th AG in 52:52)
  • B​​​​rad Goz (8thAG in 33:14)
  • David Gaines (10th AG in 33:54)

The team's full results can be found here:

Well done to all runners!

-Francesco P, NY Flyers Blog Race Reporter