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The Reason I Run…

This post is a “fill in the blank”. The reason I run is…

One of the things I love about running is that there are so many different reasons why people run. Some people run for sport, some run for weight loss, some run to support their mental health, some run to physically challenge themselves and some run to promote and champion a cause.

On Saturday, June 19, 2021, New York Flyers will join and support the “Juneteenth Solidarity March 5K Run/Walk, BBQ” (organized by the Keith Institute) from 11:45 am - 6:00 pm. Members and Non-members are all welcome. Get all the details for this event at

This week, Congress voted to establish “Juneteenth” as a legal public holiday. While President Abraham Lincoln had issued the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring all “persons here as slaves” be free starting January 1, 1863, slavery’s end did not become official in Texas and some other states in the southwest until June 19, 1865. This day has been celebrated annually in the Black community and activists like 94-year-old Opal Lee (“Grandmother of Juneteenth”) have been campaigning for years to make this day a national federal holiday. This is a great reason to run.

While I celebrate this momentous occasion, I won’t be there physically to participate in this event. As many gather to celebrate, I am in my birthplace of Peoria, IL at my father’s house celebrating his life with family. He passed away early Thursday afternoon. I was in mid-flight, heading home to see him when I got the news. I flew home with only one pair of shoes. The Brooks running shoes I wore on my feet. I know I will take a run while I am here and it will be in honor of my father, Henry, and his wonderful wife, Bonnie.

I share this not to detract from tomorrow’s great event but to recognize that there are so many layers and depth to all our lives as runners and so many things come into play when we wake up and face the day

I often think about life on a macro level and micro level. The macro level of life is the joy and jubilance of celebrating an important U.S. historical event that has been overlooked and purposely hidden. The micro level is the personal occasions and events happening in our lives that we reflect upon as we run. We never know what obstacles, challenges and/or celebrations people are recognizing as they lace up. But, most likely, it’s something. How can it not be? That’s Life.

We all have multiple reasons for running. Whatever your reason is for running, it’s all good and it’s all so real. So, take a moment and fill in the blank. Today, the reason I run is…