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SHAPE+Health Women’s Half-Marathon & 5.8M Central Park Loop


SHAPE + Health Women's Half-Marathon & 5.8M Central Park Loop

30 Flyer women joined thousands of women in one of two spectacular races staged in our beautiful Central Park this morning (yeah, in case you wondered, the Harlem Hills were part of both courses...). Congratulations to all of them!

The larger contingent of Flyers, 19 of them, picked the half-marathon distance. Jaclyn Sweeney led the team in 1:44:48, Victoria Tiase came second in 1:48:20 and Melida Barbosa was third in 1:50:12. A special mention goes to Mindi Adler for her 7th AG. 

Ilse Abusamra led the 11-strong contingent who took the option of the 5.8-mile loop. Ilse finished in a strong 46:57 (8th AG). Noreen Okarter (49:51) and Kristel McKanna (51:43) came second and third in the team. Kudos to Frances Breslauer on her first place in her age group (no age-graded percentage was made available by NYRR as 5.8 miles is not a standard distance).

One last word about our race reports: if you PR in a race, whether it's a small PR or a big one, please don't be shy: a PR is a PR no matter what, and we want to hear it from you. Notify the Flyers Blogkeepers, Dave K and Melissa S at so we can celebrate with you!

-Francesco P, NY Flyers Blog Race Reporter