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Race to Deliver 4M

What a difference two weeks can make! Just two weeks ago, the talk of the town was the record heat and humidity that made marathon day slow and miserable for many of us. This morning, with temperatures down to 36F with a 14mph wind at the start in Central Park, runners' main concern was to avoid frostbite. 58 Flyers were among the 5,543 runners who braved the wintry conditions and finished today's 4 miler - and two of them were on the podium! 🏆🏆

One of our two award winners is Amanda Schachter, who unquestionably stole the show this morning. Amanda led the women's team with a remarkable time of 28:43 (that's a pace of 7:11). 🌟This is an 18-second PR (and a 5min/mile PR) for Amanda.🌟Her result earned her a 2nd place in her age group, as well as an AGP of 75.81%. I asked Amanda how she managed to pull off this fast result in today's freezing cold🥶, and only two weeks after running the New York City Marathon.

"I'm definitely a colder weather runner," Amanda told me after the race. "Give me today's weather or even ten degrees colder and I'll be happier than I was at the marathon two weeks ago. But the marathon definitely put me in good shape - this PR is a personal best over my previous personal best (7:16/mi) in 2019 also at the Race to Deliver -- in other words, my best 4-milers come two weeks after a marathon effort!" 🎉

Flyers 1st Place Female: Amanda!

Lisa Konorty came in second for the women's team with 31:00 (pace 7:45, 6thAG and 77.1%), and Arlyn Apollo came in third (31:14, pace 7:49, 9th AG),What a fabulous trio of fast 50+ Flyers! Last but not least, our legendary Fran Breslauer was the second award winner of the day. Once again, Fran won her age group, with a time of 42:01 (pace 10:31, AGP 80.51%).

On the men's side, Deniz Saat led the team with a time of 25:38 (pace 6:25). Congrats to Deniz, who was the fastest Flyer of the day! He was followed by Dev Baid, who finished in 27:45 (pace 6:57), and Babak Ghatan who did 28:14 (pace 7:04).

Many more runners scored an AGP of 70% or above, and/or finished in the top 10 of their age groups. Here's the honor roll: Vincenzo Pascale (28:42, pace 7:11, AGP 72%), Neil Tipograph (30:50, pace 7:43, 5th AG, AGP 70.75%)Brad Goz (31:21, pace 7:51, 6th AG, AGP 71:59%), David Gaines (33:06, pace 8:17, 10th AG), Laura Guerra (34:01, pace 8:31, 5th AG, 71.14%), Nancy Batterman (37:11, pace 9:18, 10th AG), Joseph Bauman (43:27, pace 10:52, 10th AG) and Hindy Schachter (1:01:20, pace 15:20, 8th AG -- as mother/daughter both finished Top 10 AG 😍)!

The team’s full results can be found here:

Congrats to all runners! We're the best team in town! 

Last but not least, do not forget that the last club points race of the season, the Ted Corbitt 15K, is happening in 2 weeks. Come out in force to support our team!

-Francesco P, NY Flyers Blog Race Reporter, #NYRRstaff