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Race Report: Brooklyn Half Marathon

We’ve waited for 3 years, and the Brooklyn Half, a race that was cool even before Brooklyn was cool (well, probably a little less cool today) was finally back live this morning!

125 Flyers were among the 18,771 finishers of this all-time favorite, which takes runners from the Brooklyn Museum to the iconic Coney Island boardwalk. Despite the hot temperatures (and a stressful start for those who took the bumpy Flyers bus drive from Manhattan), I hear they enjoyed it all the way! For the record, this is the best attended NYRR race of the year so far (though we went down from 170 participants in the 2019 edition). We may have missed some of you, if you are new members of the New York Flyers and you have not indicated your affiliation upon registration, which would be such a shame, wouldn't it?

This was also the third club points race of the season. We'll get to that later.

Jeffrey Tente led the team in 1:27:26. Francesco Presutti came second for the team in 1:29:53 (2stAG, age-graded percentage of 79.77%) and Vincenzo Pascale came third in 1:30:41 (77.57%). 

Francesco's result broke the Flyers' Hall of Fame record of 1:33:31 set by Andreas Werder, also at the Brooklyn Half on May 16, 2015. As I am at this, I should also (belatedly) report that at the Newport 5K on May 1, John Whitfield broke the Hall of Fame record for the 5K distance, which John had just broken himself on March 6 of this year (he brought it down from 20:00 to 19:46). The Flyers Hall of Fame records is available here: . If you are aware of any record to be updated, please notify the Flyers Blogkeepers, Dave K and Melissa S (at! Also, as a reminder, do not forget to let them know if you PR in a race,  so we can celebrate it with you!

For the women's team, Kristel McKanna took first place in 1:39:36 (72.4%). Stephanie Tang came second in 1:43:58 and Jaclyn Sweeney was third in 1:44:49. Not to be shown up by the men's team, one woman was on the podium: Anky Lam (2:13:20, 2nd AG, 72.39%).

This was indeed a points race, and our teams scored plenty of points!

The 70+ women's team came FIRST in 9:10:08, thanks to the fantastic job of AnkyMindi Adler (3:06:17) and Karen Kenney (3:50:31). The team moved up from second to first place in the club standings. Well done!

The 60+ women's team came TH​​IRD in 6:34:39, thanks to the nice performance of Elaine Rosen (2:08:34), Nina Zoe Parks-Taylor (2:12:46) and Nancy Batterman (2:13:19). The team moved down from second to third position in the club standings.

The 60+ men's team was not on the podium this morning. They still came fifth, thanks to the efforts of FrancescoNeil Tipograph (1:49:28, 10th AG) and Guy Simoneau  (1:52:33), and kept its second place in the club standings.

Kudos also to: 

  • Denise Iannizzotto (75.32%)
  • Hiromi Nobata (74.1%)
  • Lisa Konorty (72.54%)
  • Jerome Berard (72.39%)
  • Jennifer Coyne (71.53%)
  • Vanessa Koury (70.98%).

The team's full results can be found here:

Finally, whether you were mentioned in this race report or not, congratulations to all of you runners of our great team who were out today!

Last but not least, our thoughts go to Bradford Goz with our wishes for a prompt recovery from his accident in Prospect Park.

-Francesco P, NY Flyers Blog Race Reporter