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NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K

Apologies in Advance: I'm filling in for Flyers Race Reporter Francesco Pressuti who's hopefully fast asleep in Tokyo after his 3:10 marathon 😊

Beautiful weather for the 5K today, for those who didn't notice. Thanks Mother Nature.

70 Flyers were among the race finishers, and they gave us plenty of reasons to celebrate! 🎉 John Whitfield finished third in his age group (19:54, 6:25/mi, AGP 82.78%) 🏆. We also won three team awards (both the 60+ Womens Team and the 70+ Womens Team came in second place, while the 60+ Mens Team won third 🏆). Please tell us about your PR in a comment! Congrats to all runners who set a PR, to the award winners, and to the entire team! 

Here are the details of the team’s individual results:

Amanda Schacter 🥇was the fastest finisher in the women’s team. She crossed the finish line with an incredible time of 22:12 (pace 7:09, 9th AG place, AGP 76.13%) for her NYRR 5K PR. Katy Stanard shook the rust off of her recently sprained ankle to come in second🥈on the women’s team with an astonishing time of 22:34 (pace 7:16). Leyre Alejaldre Biel  was third for the team 🥉with a time of 23:10 (pace 7:28, 10th AG). Arlyn Apollo came in fourth with 23:13 (pace 7:29, AGP 72.8%). Jeahnie Hahn was fifth with 23:32 (pace 7:39, 9th AG place, AGP 74.27%).

The men’s team (and the Flyers team as a whole) was led by John Whitfield 🥇led the team with his 19:54 (see above). John was followed by Michael Alexander🥈came in second in 20:17 (pace 6:32, AGP 70.58%). Tim Decker took third place for the team 🥉 with a finish time of 20:28 (pace 6:36, AGP 75.15%).  Paul Nap finished fourth on the team in 20:47 for his NYRR 5K PR (pace 6:42). Deniz Saat took fifth place with a time of 20:53 (pace 6:44). 

After the race, I interviewed Dave Kleckner after he completed today's race. Here's the riveting interview:

Dave: How'd you do?

Dave: "Meh."

Dave: Did you enjoy the Flyers post-race festivities?

Dave: "I was my usually socially awkward self. I posed for Brad Goz's group photo, mumbled 'hi' to a few Flyers, drank some water, and then finished my long-run."

Dave: What's next for you? Flyers have been eagerly asking!

Dave: "Napping with the cats after I finish this race report. Francesco, I miss you! I mean not missing you, but missing your doing the race reports. Hurry home from Tokyo, please!"

Honors go also to additional Flyers who finished in the top 10 places of their age groups and/or scored an AGP of 70% or above:

  • Lisa Konorty: 24:18, pace 7:50, 6th AG place, AGP 77.24%
  • Nina Zoe Parks-Taylor: 26:17, pace 8:28, 5th AG place, AGP 75.14%
  • Yumi Morshige: 24:55, pace 8:02, AGP 70.96%
  • Mindy Slatter: 25:53, pace 8:20, 4th AG place, AGP 77.29%
  • Deb Saat : 26:38, pace 8:35, 7th AG place, AGP 74.13%
  • Fran Breslauer : 33:56, pace 10:56, 1st AG place, AGP 74.13%
  • Neil Tipograph: 22:54, pace 7:22, 7th AG place, AGP 77.21%
  • Delton Mace: 30:04, pace 9:41, 6th AG place

The team’s full results can be found at:

Well done, Flyers!

-Dave Kleckner, NY Flyers Substitute Blog Race Reporter, #KlecknerCatsStaff