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Highlights of the 2022 New York Flyers Holiday Windows Run


New York City is always dressed to the nines for the holidays. Everything is bigger, grander, brighter. There’s Saks, the library lions wearing wreaths, and ice skating in Bryant Park. But for most New Yorkers, midtown during the holidays is akin to going to see the ball drop in Times Square at midnight. That’s for tourists. 

But why shouldn’t we get to share in all the fun? It’s our damn city!

My first Holiday Run was simply a chance for me to see the sites before the streets got too crowded. I grabbed a few running partners and said, “Let’s do this.” We had so much fun, we did it the next year, and the next. And then yesterday we had more than 35 Flyers and friends join us!

Here are seven highlights from the run this year: 

1. The easy pace—I’m not the fastest Flyer by far, but I also can’t imagine running through the city streets at an 8mph pace (unless of course it’s marathon day, then have at it!). All of us running together gave us a chance to catch up with people we don’t always get to talk to. 

2. Bergdorf Goodman—Always the most elaborate of windows. This year’s theme was “The Magic in the Making.” And it certainly was magical!

3. Tourists—Especially the ones that cheered us on like it was marathon day. What, did we look funny?

4. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree—Always at its most impressive from the top of Channel Gardens on 5th Ave.

5. Like-minded New Yorkers—like the group of ladies dressed for the holidays that we saw exiting Central Park at the beginning and then again on 5th Ave. just south of the library. We made new friends!

6. Macy’s—the OG holiday windows displays. Macy’s started decorating the windows of their store on 14th St. in 1874, and they never disappoint.

7. New York Flyers! Having a chance to spend some holiday time with the greatest running club in the city is a highlight of the season. I had a great time spending the morning with all of you and I hope everyone has a healthy and fun-filled holiday.  

-Rachel Duncan