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New Balance Bronx 10M

11,348 runners flocked to the Bronx to run the classic 10-miler along the Grand Concourse and its beautiful Art-Deco buildings. That's up from 7,511 in last year's race. If you took the subway to get to the start this morning, you may have noticed the trains were overflowing with runners. Just like in the good ol' days. New York has definitely come back, folks!

For the 114 Flyers who finished the race (yes, you read well: 114!), the excitement started early on, when the MC announced the national anthem would be sung by New York Flyer Rachel Duncan. Rachel's voice and her singing were simply spectacular, and she made us all very proud of being Flyers. I talked to Rachel after the race. She has no special connection to the Bronx, and she was expecting NYRR to slot her in on a smaller race to test her out. "Bronx 10? Never in my wildest…" Things could have not worked out better for her. "It was in my plan to run 2E/10M," Rachel told me. "The 2-mile easy warm up was crucial for singing before 8am!" Rachel was very happy about her run too. "Apparently I had plenty of lung capacity. Or adrenaline. Or relief. I PR'd by almost 3 minutes today!" Double congrats to Rachel! We will read more about our amazing fellow runner in a piece she is writing for the Flyers' blog - coming up soon!
Rachel was not the only one to have a great day, and one individual Flyer and three Flyer teams brought home awards today, which is especially important as today's race was the 8th club points race in the season. What a day for the Flyers!

And here are the results:

On the men's side, Abe Lee led the team once again with an impressive 1:04:08 (pace 6:25, AGP 73.84%). Abe, who is on a PR streak, broke his previous PR on the 10-mile distance by 2m39s! Francesco Presutti came second with 1:05:58 (2nd AG place, pace 6:36, AGP 81.93%). Francesco's result broke the 1:10:28 Flyers Hall of Fame record for the 10 mile distance, set by Andreas Werder on September 28, 2014 on this same course (see Deniz Saat, on his Bronx 10-miler debut, finished third with 1:09:15 (pace 6:56). Tim Decker was fourth for the team (1:09:46, pace 6:59, AGP 73.32%) and Brad Loe was fifth (1:10:15, pace 7:02). The Open Men B Team came 7th and is now 6th in the club standings.

On the women's side, super fast Kristel McKanna led the team with 1:15:58 (pace 7:36, AGP 72.73%), followed by Amanda Schachter (1:18:57, pace 7:54, AGP 70.8%), Jocelyn Torio (1:19:58, pace 8:00), Amy Knepper (1:20:09, pace 8:01) and Geneviève Boutin (1:20:31, pace 8:03). The Open Women A Team scored 1 point and kept its 12th position in the club standings.

Three teams won a second-place award today:
The 60+ Men Team, including Francesco, Jérôme Berard (1:13:18, pace 7:20, AGP 73.35%) and Colm Banfield (1:21:31, pace 8:09). They moved back to 2nd in the club standings.

The 60+ Women Team, including Deb Saat (1:31:24, pace 9:09, AGP 73%), Elaine Rosen (1:34:46, pace 9:29, AGP 70.4%), and Suzanne Turner (1:39:30, pace 9:57). They kept their 3rd position.

The 70+ Men Team, including Ricky Lam (1:34:22, pace 9:27), Delton Mace (1:39:02, pace 9:55, 5th AGP), and Felix Alicea (1:57:10, pace 11:43). They kept their 7th position.

Congrats to all three teams!

Kudos also to the following teams:
The 50+ Men Team, including Francesco, Tim and Vincenzo Pascale (1:11:39, pace 7:10, AGP 74:04), finished 7th and kept their 5th position.
The 50+ Women Team, including Amanda, Vanessa Koury (8:08, 73.92%) and Jeanhie Hahn (1:22:43, pace 8:17, AGP 70.86%), finished 7th and kept their 5th position.
The 40+ Men Team, including Abe, Francesco and Tim scored one point.
The 40+ Women Team, including Kristel, Amanda and Jocelyn, scored one point.
The 70+ Women Team, including Marjorie Kos (2:37:23, place 15:45, 7th AGP) and Karen Kenney (2:53:15, pace 17:20), scored no points today, and moved down from 3rd to 2nd position, and are therefore still podium hopeful!

Congrats also to the following runners who scored an AGP of 70% or above: Guy Simoneau (1:21:41, pace 8:11, AGP 70.14%) and Lisa Konorty (1:26:43, pace 8:41, AGP 71.96%).

The team’s full results can be found here:
Well done, Flyers! Whether you're mentioned in this report or not, believe me: you've all been awesome!

-Francesco P, NY Flyers Blog Race Reporter