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NY Flyers Gear

Flyers Gear

Flyers gear including shirts, singlets, jackets, shorts and tights are available from our New Balance Team Store. We open the store several times through the year and always notify members in advance via email, social media and our website.

The Team Shop will be open April 25th- May 5th, 2023.

Click Sites-nbteam_us-Site ( to be directed to the New York Flyers New Balance Team Store.  Use code Flyers23

Team apparel is available only to active members. All items will ship 3-4 weeks after the shop closes. All items- except for the SINGLETS- will ship directly to each member's address. The SINGLETS will arrive in bulk and we will make arrangements to distribute.

Questions about your order, product questions or sizing? Please contact New Balance directly:

Other questions? Contact Lisa at or any Executive Board Member at

Special thanks to Lisa Konorty for keeping the Flyers looking great!

NY Flyers Head Gear

NY Flyers baseball-style running Hats ($20) and Beanies ($20 each; 2 for $35) are now available. We sell these items at most of our events and payments can be made via cash or our Venmo Account named: NYFlyers

Questions? contact