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Candidate Bios 2024

Meet Carla Miragliotta: Nominee for President

I’ve been a Flyer  since 2021 and am excited to accept the nomination for president. I came to NYC from Scranton, Pa to attend Fordham in the Bronx and I haven’t left since. I was always a runner who said I couldn’t run without music and never could I talk and run. Now, I don’t stop talking when I run and it’s amazing how many problems you can solve over a five mile run on a Thursday. I regularly attend Speed Pass, MTP and the Thursday night run. From the moment I joined the club I felt like part of the team. In 2023, I got even more involved and was part of the gala planning committee and the awards committee.

I read recently that “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” I thought about that quote and how I believe have changed for the positive since joining this running group. It’s the influence of many people in the Flyers community who have impacted me. This is the reason I am choosing to run for the executive board and give back to a community who in a short time has given me so much. It’s an honor to be nominated as a candidate for the Executive Board in 2024. Go Flyers!



Meet Kristin Siegle: Nominee for Vice-President

I’ve been a NY Flyer since 2021 and am excited to accept the nomination to run for vice president. A new job and relocation offer brought me to NYC in late 2018. After a long hiatus from running, I trained for the 2021 NYC Marathon with Team for Kids (TFK), NYRR’s charity running team.

When training ended, I was in group run withdraw and went to a Flyers Thursday night run. I joined the club the same night because everyone was so nice and welcoming — there was a place and a pace for everyone! I’m now one of the group leaders for the Thursday night run (nicknamed TNF, for Thursday Night Fun) and regular participant of MTP, Speedpass and other Flyers events.

I’m also very active in NYC’s wider running community. After joining the Flyers, I stayed involved with TFK as I believe in their mission to offer free youth and community running programs to kids across NYC (e.g., the Rising NYRR events held at races throughout the year). While I trained for the 2023 NYC Marathon, I volunteered to pace TFK training runs, support new runners, and assist the morning of the NYC Marathon, before running it myself.

Giving back is important to me and it’s an honor to be nominated as a candidate for the Executive Board in 2024. Go Flyers!





Meet Neil Tipograph: Nominee for Treasurer

To My Flyers Family

I have been an active member of the New York Flyers starting in 2019.  Since then, I have met many remarkable people, enjoyed exciting experiences at our team training runs, races and socials, as well as enriched my knowledge about running, exercise and nutrition through the Marathon Training Program and the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday group runs.  So, it would be honor for me to serve on the board of an organization that I deeply admire.

If elected as the Flyer’s Treasurer, I can draw on my 44 years of experience as a CPA, partner of a CPA firm, and as a tax expert with non-profit experience.  I also have over 30 years’ experience as a board member, advisor and treasurer of several civic organizations, local and national trade associations, and various athletic clubs in New York and New Jersey.  I have consulted with the current Flyers Treasurer on tax and financial matters of the Club, and I am familiar with the Club’s accounting and tax systems used to prepare the annual books and records and tax filings.   I hold an accounting degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Taxation from New York University.

As my racing teammates and training partners can attest, I bring a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm to the Club.   I also bring the knowledge of governance best practices from my many years of board experience.  I look forward to working with my board members and listening to our membership to ensure that the Flyers continue to move forward as a successful running and social club.

Thank you for your consideration.

With warm regards,




Meet Chris Long: Nominee for Secretary

Welcome to the Flyers! This is unquestionably one of the smartest decisions you took this year!

The year was 2017.  I joined the Flyers to get in shape after a health issue, and wondered if I should attend the Saturday morning group run. I had insecurities: Would anyone else show up?  Would anyone as slow as me show up? The welcoming words in Francesco’s email made me pretty sure I had come to the right place.

Six years later I can confirm, I came to the right place.  Words of encouragement like those from Francesco have never been in short supply from fellow Flyers, and I have tried to do likewise.   Racing is competitive. Training for a BQ or a PR is serious hard work.  But running is also fun, and social.  Flyers embrace all these aspects.

My journey so far has taken me on 9 marathons and dozens of other races.  I’ve participated in MTP and SpeedPass. And I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering as a pacer on some of our 3-bridges runs to help new Flyers get a step closer to their marathon goals.

I would be honored to give back to an organization that has given so much to me.  I want to hear your  ideas to help make the Flyers even better.  And I pledge to use my skills as a communications professional to make sure members are kept in the loop, and to advance the positive message of the club. Thanks for your consideration, and Go Flyers!



Meet Derek Chu: Nominee for Secretary

I have been a Flyer for close to a decade.  I am running for Secretary to give back to the Club.

I have completed 13 marathons, including seven NY Marathons.  My marathon PB is 4:17:50 (2018, Marine Corps).  I have run Halfs in 11 states, and aspire to one day to run a Half Marathon in every state.

Born and raised in Hollis, Queens, I am a long-suffering Jets and Mets fan.  I attended NYC public schools through HS; have an MBA in Finance, and am a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  My work career in recent years has been focused on executive project management, finance transformation, continuous improvement and process efficiency.   I am a former elected President of the New York Cycle Club (NYCC) leading a 12-person Board of Directors, with over 2,000 dues-paying recreational cycling members.


Meet Lis Shlansky: Nominee for Member-At-Large

My journey to finding the New York Flyers started with a move back to NYC in late 2018 after 30 years away. Like many, when the pandemic hit, I was looking for a healthy outlet and turned to running. It became more than a form of exercise for me and in December 2021, I made the leap to sign up for New York Flyers’ first Marathon Training Program (MTP) after the COVID hiatus.   A few months later, at 60 years old, I ran my first ever marathon and I’ve been a fixture in MTP, SpeedPass and long training runs since then! 

For me, Flyers have been more than just a running group —  it’s friendly, inspiring, and supportive. I learn so much from my fellow Flyers, and it goes way beyond just improvements to my running. Each gathering, there is always a welcoming smile and great sense of community, which makes me proud to say I’m a New York Flyer. As Member-At-Large, I hope to give back through service and continue supporting the Flyer’s commitment to organized community events and inclusive recruiting, which has done so much for me.