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Volunteer Pacer | Last 10 Miles Run

October 23, 2022 @ 7:30 am - 10:30 am

NY Flyers Last 10 Miles Supported Long Run

When: Sunday, October 23rd, 2022

Who: Members and Non-members: Non-members who Volunteer to Pace, run for FREE.

Flyer Members who volunteer will receive a gift card to Fleet Feet as a thank you for their service.

Organizer: NY Flyers

Questions: contact

Details: Come out and support our team by volunteering to be a pacer at our Last 10 Miles of the NYC Marathon Training Run. Please note: we would like our pacers to do the full 10 miles.
PACE GROUPS: We need at least one pacer for each group starting at 8:00 minutes/mile through 12:30 minutes/mile at 30 second intervals. If you would like to be a Pacer for a slower Pace (or a faster one), for a Walking Pace or a Run/Walk Pace, please contact us.

If you have never paced, you will be paired with an experienced partner. This is a great opportunity to lead a group of runners and enjoy the camaraderie of group and the gratitude of other runners. Remember that when you pace, you should choose a pace at least 30 seconds slower than your own training pace to ensure that you can keep the pace for the length of the run.

As a pacer, you have group members relying on you to keep to the designated pace, so wanting to go faster because everything feels good during the run is a feeling you will need to ignore - you need to keep the pace at all times (unless hurt or exhausted, of course). Pacing is a wonderful experience - if you've never done it before, you will be hooked, just like many of our longstanding pacers are.   

For details about the run, please see the EVENT PAGE

Sign up below and list your preferred TRAINING RUN pace. The PACING coordinator will get back to you to finalize.

A view-only list of Pacers is: HERE