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United Airlines NYC Half

Since its creation in 2010, and especially since it became a spring event in 2010 and it adopted its Brooklyn-to-Manhattan course in 2018, the NYC Half has become one of

Streaking with Emily Altman

As I sit down to write this blog post, it is Day 1,413 of my Covid-19 Running Streak. The odometer reads 15,366 miles.  DAY 1: MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2020 New York City was

Rock ‘n’ Roll in Arizona

January in NYC can be rough for us cold-averse runners!  The air can hit hard and the sun sets way too early.🥶Delightedly, I escaped the frigid temperatures for a long

Ted Corbitt 15K

4,740 runners were blessed with nearly perfect weather (50 degrees and 83 humidity) at the 15K, a race that honors the life and legacy of Ted Corbitt. Corbitt was a