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Flyer of the Year Candidates

Meet Hiromi Nobata: Nominee for Flyer of the Year

Hi Flyers!

I joined the Flyers originally because I despaired that I was getting slower and was trying to find some group speed coaching and randomly saw an article in The NY Times about local clubs that also did weekly speed work.  Fast forward - I completed a couple of rounds of Speed Pass, learned a lot, made friends and discovered all the benefits of being a part of a group of nuts like the Flyers.


Even though I had “given up” marathons by the time I joined the Flyers, I caught FOMO since everyone around me was running one (or so it seemed) and got back on the marathon bandwagon and have now completed 18 marathons with 2 more on deck for 2023!


And if you’re new to the Flyers and don’t know who I am - I am your club rep at the NYRR Club Council, I recruit for and lead the NY Flyers Gel Station at Mile 18 of the the NYC Marathon and am the newest member of MTP coaching staff.

Meet Brad Goz: Nominee for Flyer of the Year

With so many Flyers contributing so much, it’s a privilege to be considered for Flyer of the Year! Best of all, it gives me a chance to thank the many volunteers, hard-working Board and avid members that make our team a supportive community. It’s a credit to every Flyer that runners new to the team always talk about the welcoming, caring and supportive environment we create.



As many Flyers know, I’ve explored all of New York’s 430 neighborhoods – on foot.  My affection for the city started with my childhood in Washington Heights and listening to my parents’ childhood stories of Brooklyn. As I lived, studied and worked in New York, around the country and overseas, my attachment for the city only grew. I was never an exceptional runner but, as I turned 60, it occurred to me I was fast enough to contribute points to a team. New York Flyers have been my second home ever since and Flyers have shepherded me through almost all of my dozen Marathons.



My education and career have focused on finance and, most recently, climate change.  But I have always loved history, culture and architecture. Most of all, I love meeting the people of our city, learning about who they are, how they got here, what they do. Sharing their history and their stories has become a passion. It’s especially special to share our city with Flyer’s and friends.



In the past year I have volunteered and paced, taken a lot of Flyer photos, led a handful of interesting runs, reached out to fellow running teams throughout New York. Again, I think of the many who have stood out for doing so much. I don’t know that I stand among them.



In the year ahead, I’ll being asking Flyers to step up even more. As one of New York’s largest and oldest running teams, we have an opportunity to bring our city together like no other team or organization. I hope that as many Flyers as possible can join in our adventure runs next year to every corner of our city – seeing New York like we’ve never seen it before and joining local teams new and old along the way.



Our next greatest run will be December 11, the Harlem Heroes Run. A follow up to last year’s inspiring 12/12, the Harlem Heroes Run will Extend Our Run Fam with new friends from as many as 20 teams. We’ll need pacers and other volunteers, so please keep your eyes open for the latest info!



Love you guys!

Meet Debi Unger: Nominee for Flyer of the Year

It’s truly an honor to be nominated as Flyer of the Year, thank you.

In 2015 I was at the Super Runner’s Shop and picked up a handout which provided information about a “Three Bridges Run” that the Flyers were hosting. As I was training for my first marathon. I signed up and the night before while having dinner with a friend, I was feeling nervous about running 20 miles for the first time over 3 bridges.  I told him that I was going to cancel with many reasons why I should. The next morning, I sent him a text that said, “finished.” I went ahead with it and was so happy that I decided to do so.  And that was how I was initially introduced to the Flyers. What can I say, Flyer friends are forever.


When I joined the Flyers 7 year ago, I was immediately involved in planning the Summer Social which then grew into more involvement with the Gala Committee, and so many more of the club’s social and running events. Even though at times it was overwhelming, I enjoyed every minute of it! Below is a list of some of the activities I’ve grown to be quite passionate about over the years and do whatever I can to pull them off:


  • Chaired the Gala; 2016 - 2021.
  • Member of the 30 Year Anniversary Committee; responsible for the 30Y Flyer bags
  • Recruited team captains for 2023
  • Summer Soiree 2022: Arranged/negotiated the venue, menu, handled promotions
  • Raised over $800 in raffle prizes from the Summer Soiree and other Galas.
  • Co-leader of the DEBS Book Club which involves the book selection, contacting authors and arranging the venue
  • Former co-leader of the Thursday Night Flyer runs
  • Pacer for various long runs
  • Member of the Election Committee
  • And, last but not least, I created the “Flytini”


It’s been such a pleasure volunteering with fellow Flyers and I look forward to another year spending time with all of you. Thank you so much for your consideration and see you at the next social, run or race! Go Flyers!