From the website that thinks: "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. . . .and order in"

I know several Flyers who can take the heat. They went out for training runs and racing 5ks.
When a marathon calls, we must answer with 20 mile training runs. While the NYRR was cutting mileage down for safety reasons during this past weekends official NYRR Long Training Run, several Flyers were braving the heat and humidity doing their long training run on Saturday morning in Central Park. And this past Monday, 20 Flyers ran the NYRR Brooklyn R-U-N 5K in Brooklyn, NY.

Tri-ing harder
There were no local NYRR races and no NYCRUNS Flyer race results this weekend, but this year's NYC Tri was a huge draw for Flyer participant, spectators, and volunteers alike. You can search for full results here, or take a look at all the triumphant course and finish photos on Facebook.

Go long or go home
With 110 registered participants, Sunday's Randall's Island Long Run was yet another sellout long training run. Ably organized by Ainslie Chandler, supported by fluid station volunteers Akbar Jaffer, Beth Dorgan, Casey Noel, Laurie Lenkel, and Robb Cole, the club survived a sultry July day to complete runs of up to 12 miles. Congratulations to everyone who locked and loaded for this event, and please remember: Events like these don't happen without volunteers. If you're on the bench with an injury or otherwise not planning for an upcoming long training run, please consider donating a few easy hours to help your friends and teammates reach their goals.

It's that time again
My eagle flies on Friday for some family time on the West Coast, but we'll see who we can round up to watch this space in the meantime. See you on the flip side, and be sure to check out the always up-to-date Announcements for the what what on upcoming events.

One for you, six for me
The women Flyers finished third in their division in the 2017 1 for You 1 for Youth 4-Miler on Sunday, and it was a mostly Masters top five scoring team. Marcy Withington finished first for the team and ninth in the 45-49 age group in 28:09 (7:03 pace). Denise Iannizzotto and Jennifer Coyne crossed the finish line just seconds apart, taking second and third for the team in 31:57 (8:00 pace and eighteenth in the 50-54 age group) and 32:00 (8:00 pace). Kristel McKanna placed fourth for the team in 32:36 (8:09 pace), and Beth Brennan picked up fifth for the team in 34:33 (8:39 pace).

In the men's race, the top five were also Master and Veteran runners. Mr. President finished first for the team in 25:58 (6:30 pace), followed by Tomohiro Inoue in 27:21 (6:51 pace). Leonardo Souza placed third for the team in 27:55 (6:59 pace), with John McCreesh and Kazuhiro Shimbo taking fourth and fifth in 29:01 (7:16 pace) and 30:06 (7:32 pace). Fran Breslauer also scored second in the women's 75-79 age group.

Last week, a handful of Flyers celebrated Independence Day at the NYCRUNS Firecracker 5K and 10K. Richard Garland scored first in the men's 70+ age group in 30:14 (9:45 pace), followed by Alice Bruno, who placed sixth for the women's 50-59 age group in 33:23 (10:46 pace). In the 10K, William Nealon captured fourth in the men's 60-69 age group in 57:14 (9:14 pace), along with Melissa Labozzetta in 58:03 (9:22 pace), Jessica Vega in 58:47 (9:29 pace and twenty-first in the women's 40-49 age group), and Nora Scullin in 1:03:56 (10:19 pace).

A classic returns
The Flyer Friday happy hours are a delightful return of a much-loved club tradition, and now we have another: Ed Altman, Francesco Presutti, Kristel McKanna, and a Brad whose last name I unfortunately don't have, but that makes him no less awesome revived the Bridges and Arches Run, a guided tour of Central Park that brought the Saturday group run across eight bridges and under twenty-six arches, with plenty of historical information. The group finished the run a whole lot sweatier thanks to the humid conditions, but with greater knowledge and enrichment about our local Manhattan urban oasis.

Track attack
I don't see any local race results published by NYRR or NYCRUNS so far this weekend, but congratulations to Steve Kairys for kicking it in a time of 6:52 for his inaugural 1500 as part of the NYRR Tuesday Night Speed Series earlier this week. We hope it's the first of many.

Gentle reminder
If you're not registered as a Flyer in NYRR or NYCRUNS races, your effort won't count for the team. On a far less important note, I won't know to recognize any special achievements or age group placings here. If your name isn't shown in the results with NYF next to it, well, I just don't work hard enough at this to figure it out.

A bright, sunny Sunday moring dawned for the Achilles Hope and Possibility 4-Miler. In the women's race, Amanda Schachter blasted through the course in 30:45 (7:42 pace) for a fist place team finish. Melinda Feinberg and Johnna Watkins-Green placed second and third for the team in 31:02 (7:46 pace) and 31:38 (7:55 pace). Shantelle Leonard cruised in for fourth in 33:14 (8:19 pace0, followed by Luiza Silva in 34:11 (8:33 pace).

In the men's race, Deniz Saat placed first for the tea, and fourth in the 25-29 age group in 26:29 (6:35 pace), followed by Dave Kleckner in 29:00 (7:15 pace and fourteenth in the 50-54 age group). Flavio Pardo and Dietrich Lingenthal took third and fourth for the team in 29:25 (7:22 pace) and 30:43 (7:41 pace and thirteenth in the 55-59 age group), and James Tarleton knocked out a fifth place team finish in 31:41 (7:56 pace and fifth in the 35-39 age group).

A big, pounding rainstorm on Saturday morning didn't keep the Flyers off the course for the Front Runners LGBT Pride 5 Miler. Pat Duffy notched a first place finish for the team and first in the 55-59 age group in a blazing 31:41 (6:21 pace). Tomohiro Inoue and Babak Ghatan placed second and third for the team in 24:48 (6:58 pace and fourteenth in the 40-44 age group) and 35:17 (7:04 pace and seventeenth in the 40-44 age group). David Ezra placed fourth for the team and twenty-first in the 40-44 age group in 35:40 (7:08 pace), and Adam Morgenlender finished fifth for the team in 37:31 (7:31 pace).

In the women's race, Marcy Withington picked up a first place team finish, came in as fourth Flyer overall, and captured third in the 45-49 age group in 26:05 (7:13 pace). Stephanie Tang placed second for the team in 29:45 (7:57 pace), followed by Mary Beth Ezra in 41:41 (8:21 pace). Kristel McKanna finished in fourth place for the Flyers in 42:56 (8:35 pace), and Jessica Vega cruised in for fifth in 44:30 (8:54 pace).

Kings and Queens
I'm not sure whether this is an overall change to the points race scoring system or just a blip, but it looks like only the top three runners scored points for the men's and women's Open divisions in the Queens 10K, instead of the top five per team. We'll see how this shakes out over the next points race, but for the moment we bow to how it looks like the scoring was done this time and report accordingly.

The Flyer Open Men and the Flyer Veteran Men finished thirtyt-third and sixteenth in their divisions, and the scoring roster was exactly the same for both: Mr. President led the charge with a 39:33 finish (6:22 pace), followed by Tomohiro Inoue in 42:01 (6:46 pace) and David Ezra in 42:44 (6:53 pace). Jon Riecke led the Flyer Veteran Men to a tenth place team finish in 43:21 (6:59 pace), followed by Andreas Werder, who double scored with a first place finish for the fifth place Flyer Senior Veteran Men in 44:11 (7:07 pace); and William Herbert, who crossed the finish line in 45:17 (7:13 pace). Ricky Lam picked up a second place finish for the Flyer Senior Veteran Men in 49:36 (7:59 pace), followed by Peter Lewy in 51:42 (8:20 pace).

In the women's race, Friederieke Edelman led the Flyer Open Women to a twenty-first place finish, also double scoring with a first place finish for the seventh place Flyer Master Women in 43:08 (6:57 pace). Ainslie Chandler picked up second for the Flyer Open Women in 47:42 (7:41 pace), folowed by Sungwon Hwang, who also finished second for the Flyer Master Women in 48:08 (7:45 pace). Mary Beth Ezra finished in third place for the Flyer Master Women in 50:08 (8:05 pace).

Lora Danley paced the ninth place Flyer Veteran Women to a 52:48 finish (8:30 pace), followed by Elaine Rosen in 54:05 (8:43 pace) and Anky Lam, who also finished first for the second place Flyer Senior Veteran Women in 54:29 (8:46 pace). Fran Breslauer placed second for the team in 59:20 (9:33 pace), followed by Maggie Schwarz in 1:11:48 (11:34 pace).

Running of the what, now?
I don't make this up . . . on Sunday, NYCRUNS sponsored the Running of the Balls 5K and 10K. Jessical Vega scored third in the women's 40-49 age group in the 10K with a finish time of 54:16 (8:45 pace), and Richard Garland placed second in the men's 70+ age group in the 5K in 29:36 (9:33 pace).