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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long have the New York Flyers been around?
The New York Flyers was founded in 1989 by Tim Kennedy and Jonathan Buck. Their goal was to establish a running club open to individuals of all athletic abilities and experience levels. The Club started with 7 charter members.

In 1991 the Club's objectives were expanded to embrace multi-sport activities as well, such as duathlons and triathlons. Membership has grown consistently, with over 600 runners, biathletes and triathletes.

What is the New York Flyers' mission?
-- Maintain a diversity of membership and to preserve the non-competitive nature of the Club
-- Provide a supportive, nurturing environment which encourages members to attain their goals
-- Promote friendship and camaraderie through organized social as well as athletic activities
-- Practice good sportsmanship and to uphold the highest ethical standards
-- Foster and facilitate volunteerism in ways which serve the athletic and neighborhood communities
When are group workouts?
Group Runs usually consist of one lap of Central Park (6 miles). At various times of the year, the Saturday run extends to two (or even three) laps as people prepare for marathons. Arrive a few minutes early if you can. See the Group Runs Page for more information.
Do the New York Flyers conduct any social activities?
-- Annual Awards Party
-- NYC Marathon pasta party
--After-race celebrations and brunches
-- Seasonal parties
-- Toys for Tots charity run
-- Many other impromptu social events
How do I become a member?
Membership is open to everyone interested in running or multi-sport activities. Members are welcome without regard to athletic ability, age, sex, race, ethnic background, or sexual orientation.

One becomes a member by completing a New York Flyers Membership Application and payment of annual dues.

What are the benefits of membership?
  • Social and Volunteer Events
  • A Weekly Email Newsletter with updates on upcoming social, running events and races and recent race results.
  • Access to our Race Results database where you can track your NYRR races and out-of-town race results.
  • Weekly Flyer group runs
  • great camaraderie and club support
  • discounts on running and triathlon products from sponsors
  • discounts on New York Flyer apparel
  • Access to our New York Flyer speedwork training classes (additional fee is required).
Do the New York Flyers have a coach?

The New York Flyers kas employed experienced running coaches since we first offerred weekly speed interval training back in 1992. Since then, The Flyers provided coached interval training and a marathon training program. These training programs are for an additional fee. Check our home page for the latest coached training.

What are points races?
These are specially designated NYRRC races in which the New York Flyers compete against other local teams for monthly points. Your participation can only help the team - if you are slow, you can't hurt our standing by racing!
Do I have to be fast to join the Flyers?
We have members ranging from 4:40 per mile to over 12:00 per mile. You're certain to find someone your pace.
What age groups are represented in the Flyers?
The Flyers represent all age divisions in the club competitions, from Open (20-29) to Senior Veteran (60+).
How many Flyers reside in New York City?
Most reside in Manhattan, but we also have Flyers who live in New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Westchester, and other states from Massachusetts to California. Some club members also live abroad.
Is the New York Flyers only for runners?
No! Many of our members are also interested and active in duathlons or triathlons.